I haven’t been able to write for weeks now.  While I was listening to some music, I finally got inspired to write something.  Admittedly is on the dark depressive side of my life.  I’m just thankful that the gods of writing blessed me with any inspiration at all.  The poem is called sometimes on publish us.

My Take On Domestic Violence

I think we need to kissteach broken women that they still have tremendous value in this world, despite what their abusers tell them.  No doubt about life sends you people and situations that will alternately try to destroy you.  These people are very good at feeding your insecurities, because they know they don’t feel secure in themselves.  They will try to keep you isolated and alone, because they are afraid that others will be your true greatness and they will want to deal your way.  God did not put any creature on this earth to be used and abused.

Why are bad things so appealing?

The funny thing is what is appealing to us often isn’t good for us.  Like most women would rather have a cocky bad boy, than a stable dependable guy.  I always want the unattainable guy; I almost never like guys who like me back.  Here’s something some of you might have a hard time grasping; I would never date somebody in a wheelchair.  I got enough difficulties dealing with my own disability, I don’t want to deal with somebody else’s.

Suicide is not the answer

19 years ago my brother John committed suicide.  Sometimes I wonder if he would have realized the impact his death would have on our family, would he have gone through with it.  It has been 19 years and it still feels like yesterday.  I remember the next day my mind was still expecting him to walk up that ramp and I would run to the door.  No matter how late John came in the door at night he would always wake me up to give me a big hug.  Before you consider taking your own life, think about how that would make your family feel.