The right to die

What do you think that the right to die with dignity act? The right to die with dignity give people the right to die if they have a chronic illness; the only catch is you have to be able to give the medications to yourself. How do you feel about this; would you ever consider moving to a state where this is legal? I have thought about it.

My Take On Domestic Violence

I think we need to kissteach broken women that they still have tremendous value in this world, despite what their abusers tell them.  No doubt about life sends you people and situations that will alternately try to destroy you.  These people are very good at feeding your insecurities, because they know they don’t feel secure in themselves.  They will try to keep you isolated and alone, because they are afraid that others will be your true greatness and they will want to deal your way.  God did not put any creature on this earth to be used and abused.

Suicide is not the answer

19 years ago my brother John committed suicide.  Sometimes I wonder if he would have realized the impact his death would have on our family, would he have gone through with it.  It has been 19 years and it still feels like yesterday.  I remember the next day my mind was still expecting him to walk up that ramp and I would run to the door.  No matter how late John came in the door at night he would always wake me up to give me a big hug.  Before you consider taking your own life, think about how that would make your family feel.

Somedays it is a struggle to find a will to live

I try to be as possible, but I always have this negative voice in the back of my mind telling me I would be better off dead. Sometimes I long to be home and by home I mean heaven. I am always particularly melancholy around this time of year, because February will be 19 years of my brother John’s death; John committed suicide when he was 17. I feel partly responsible for his death, because I knew how unhappy it was with life, but I just then he would suck it up and deal with it like the rest of us. After he died I remember being jealous because he had the courage to do what I could not do, which is end my own suffering. No matter how much I hate this life at times, I cannot against God’s will.
My brother John and I would constantly argue about the existence of God. This is when I believe in more of a traditional religion, like Christianity. I am grateful to tell you that my Outlook had greatly improved, however in the back of my mind I have doubts about whether I am worthy of anything positive. I still believe that suicide is not the answer, because life is forever changing, as long as you have breath you have a chance to make it wonderful.

Broken Home My Ass

I’ve been reading about how people feel sorry for Adam Lanza, despite the fact that he murdered innocent children.  Now you want to blame the mother and his upbringing?This is the most ludicrous thing I’ve ever heard; this is exactly why people do the awful things they do.  If I commit an unlawful act, all I do is say I came from broken home and people will have sympathy for me.  My mom never love me, so I went and killed innocent children.  Do you hear how ridiculous that sounds?  My father molested me for seven years of my life, and I have never molested any children.  My mother used to tell us she regretted having us, and she is still breathing.

Everybody Has Problems

I do not agree with people who say you can control everything that pops in your head.  I cannot say whether it’s demonic forces or mental illness at play; for all we know it could be both or one of two.  I have many thoughts in my head when I get angry and some are horrible.  I have never acted on these thoughts, I just cast them out.  This is where I believe a long foundation in any spiritual belief system is needed.  I also believe places can have bad energy that affects you.  I believe you also get affected by the vibes that come off of people.  At the end of the day you have free will to act on or not these transmissions of ideas.  You have free will so you use it wisely.

Tomorrow America will forget about the children

A psycho shoots up an elementary school killing 26 people, 20 of those were children.  The shooter is identified as Adam Lanza, also killed his mother who worked at the school.  Authorities believe that Adam killed his mother before he went to the elementary school


My fear is that we will concentrate so much energy on the shooter, then we will forget about children. People always say make excuses for people like the shooter, hiding behind a protective curtain of mental illness. I got some sad news for the Dr. Phils and the world, you can make a case for mental illness for 99% of the population, but then again nobody the right to kill children. Truthfully there is no way to prepare for something like this, but it’s time we stopped feeling sorry for the perpetrators.

Like the people who went to see the batman movie premiere; how could they ever guess that going to the movie would get them killed? That possible scenario would never end up in a sane man’s thinking. There are just some things you never be ready for. Just because somebody gets a thought in their head, doesn’t mean they have the right to act on it.