Is Depression a spiritual Attack?

Lately I have been feeling so depressed. All I see is the negativity in my life. I don’t even want to get out of bed. Feels like I am failing at everything. I feel like I am fighting with the devil, and he is mocking me. I have been feeling so low, I know I cannot stay like this. All I can do is surround myself in prayer. I have to keep pushing forward.

Good for the skin

Balmex Adult Care literally saved my skin.  I have bladder control issues due to my Cerebral Palsy. I have been battling Diaper Dermatitis for three years. Diaper dermatitis is basically an outer yeast infection, typically you would use nystatin, but for some reason it didn’t work. I even tried Butt Paste, and it did not completely heal my skin. I tried things like foot powder and tea tree oil, but they did not really work.   Balmex cleared my skin of the rash and closed the tears in my skin within weeks .The cream is thick, but wipes off easily. The smell is unpleasant    I used to buy it from Amazon, but found it cheaper at Walmart. You can find Balmex Adult Care in the pharmacy, next to the adult depends.

My political view

I think republicans are throwing a major hissy fit, because Obama-care got passed. The healthcare may not be perfect, but at least the President took a stab at solving our healthcare crisis. I’m sure it is no big secret that our healthcare system is in a state of decay. I think we should boot the people that are draining the welfare system, such as people who haven’t had a job in years. I feel women shouldn’t be allowed to keep having kids on the government’s dime. I don’t feel that certain conditions shouldn’t be classified as a disability, such as asthma.