The right to die

What do you think that the right to die with dignity act? The right to die with dignity give people the right to die if they have a chronic illness; the only catch is you have to be able to give the medications to yourself. How do you feel about this; would you ever consider moving to a state where this is legal? I have thought about it.

Ebola in America

I don’t understand why America will not put a temporary ban on flights going and coming from Africa. When you are dealing with a dangerous and deadly disease, you must contain the disease to prevent an epidemic. Health and safety trumps people’s right to travel. I understand this  is a major inconvenience, but it is more inconvenient to be dead. Do you really believe that if America was the source of a potential world wide they would hesitate to keep us from going into their country.

I also believe that the CDC needs to do better research on Ebola, so they can come up with better guidelines to better understand the disease.

My aching hip

I’ve been having trouble with my hips, since as far back as I can remember.  Lately my left hip had been bothering me.  I first thought that it was just a displaced floater, because when I would get my brief changed I would be a lot pain when my knee externally rotated.  I start to worry after about three weeks, because the problems usually corrects itself, but not this time.  I went to my family physician and she put me on naproxen and a Flexeril, but I still wanted to get checked out by an orthopedic doctor.Looks like there is nothing too seriously wrong with my hip, just a pain in the ass floater as usual.  I’m happy to say that medication seems to be working, I’ve never been so happy to hear popping in my leg.