nice weather

Weather so nice I drove my wheelchair to the store.


Killer kids

This world scares me at times. I think that a 12-year-old girl should be old enough to not to believe in the boogieman. Why would you want to win the favor of a vial demonic creature? I believe that the kids knew what they were doing was wrong and now they are coming up with this BS story about Slenderman. I believe that tonight’s episode of ABC’s .20/20 is proof that the children of today do not have a healthy fear of God. I do not care what religious background you come from, I think we can all agree that the basic principle of most religion are a good outline for life. If you don’t believe in a higher power that is fine, but we need to take the time to instill basic morals into the children of today, because these maladaptive kids are our future. Not only do the children lack basic moral foundation; they also lack the coping skills to deal with negative criticism. When I got a bad grade, I took it on the chin. I did not kill the teacher, because of my failure to understand something. You need metal detectors in schools to feel safe. There was even talk about teachers having the right to carry guns in the classroom. When I think about two little girls coming up with a plan to kill their friend to win the proxy of an urban legend; my blood runs cold. These type of crimes are not isolated acts of violence, because they are occurring all over the place. Every time something like this happens we say looking back there were signs of mental illness. We need to learn how to diagnose the illness in the present. There is no way to prevent every tragedy a hundred percent of the time, but we could learn to identify those characteristics that may put children at risk for these outrages crimes. When we talk about the unthinkable crimes committed by the young children; we always talk about the bread crumbs of clues leading up to the event. If we knew how to spot the bread crumbs, we might be able to save a life.

I think that we need to explain to children that a lot of things on the internet are made up, just like TV. I think parents need to learn how to engage with their children. Nowadays most parents believe that if they provide food, clothing and shelter they are a good parent, but children need to know boundaries. They need emotional support for proper emotional development. The kids need to learn how to deal with conflict and rejection. I mean if I killed every publisher that rejected my article, I would be a serial killer by now. Rejection is all part of life.

Chris Daughtry and three doors down

On Tuesday I went to see Chris Daughtry and three doors down at the Erie Civic Center.  I can’t remember the name of the opening act, but I enjoyed it very much.  Chris Daughtry was amazing.  I did not get to see three doors down, because the bus came before the concert ended.  I get the feeling that three doors down was somehow delay.  A lot of people left during their set.  Overall I had a good time, it was nice to get out of the house.