My Other Books

I know I have only advertised one book, but the truth is I have two more books.  My poetry book collection is called Reflections of Me; I haven’t advertised it because I do not have a book cover for it.  However if you are interested in my poetry, you can purchase it at  The third book is a highly sexual romantic love triangle gone wrong.  The book is called Not Your Typical Love Story.  I just wanted to share my works with you, just in case you were interested.

Vampire quest (the quest continues)

I did some more work on the second vampire quest. The story is coming along nicely. I’m hoping to make it a three part series. There will be one more book after this one.

I think Alexandria is starting to see that Deimos may have done the wrong thing by turning her into a vampire, but he did with the best of intentions. What Deimos did to Alexandria he did out of love and protection.

I need some low cost advertising ideas

I’ve been trying to get the word out about my short story book on, with very little success. I was wondering if there is anybody that follow this blog that can help me. I have published two other books, but since I had a cover made for vampire quest, I thought I’d better focus on that one first. Plus vampire quest was my first book publication.

I really have a lot to prove to just about everyone I know. All I wanted to do was write, I really want to make my books a success. The problem that I am facing is I just cannot afford standard advertising. My hope is somebody reading this will be able to help me out.Vampire Quest cover