I believe in a higher power

I believe that the higher power has a unique plan for you and me. I believe that for whatever reason God wanted me to have Cerebral Palsy and this life. I do not subscribe to the theory that we choose who we want to  before we come to earth. I think that if we got to pick our own lives; we would have completely different lives. That being said, God knows more than I do, so I will have to trust him to get me out of the mess I have made of my life.

Free Will

For the record God did not kill those children, the shooter used his free will to kill those children.  God does not make you do anything you don’t want to do; he gave you the gift of choice.  That’s shooter was so far away from the divine light he could not hear God’s word even if God were screaming at him.  Free will is the gift of choice.  Would you really want to have no say in your divine freedom.  I’m sure God carried every one of those children in his arms, there is no greater place to be that in God’s arms.  The blame lies with the shooter, not God.