I know why now

I think I can finally put a finger to I haven’t been writing lately.  I’ve been feeling kind of blah lately.  I’m not sad, but I’m not happy  either.  It is much easier when I am passionate about something; that where my inspiration comes from.  Lately I just feel so uninspired.  When I do get ideas, I don’t write them down like I should.

I don’t know why…

I don’t know why, but lately I just don’t have the energy to write things.  I get these fragments of ideas, but nothing concrete.  The fact is I’ve always had an on-again off-again relationship with writing.  I hope this doubt doesn’t last.  Maybe me and writing to get divorced.  I hope I get out of this funk.

I am tired of foreigners putting American down

A lot of foreign countries want to turn their noses up America, but America is the first country they run too.  America does a lot for foreign countries; sometimes America does more for foreigners than their own people.  We send food to Third World countries, when there are people dying of hunger in America.  Somehow it is more righteous to help out a Third World child than our own.  Foreigners are tax exempt for like seven years.  Foreigners get a free education, while a American citizen has to struggle with financial aid and student loans.  They had the nerve to talk about us like we are nothing to them.  They say we have no code of honor, but where is there a code of honor was when they are looking for America’s handouts they have the nerve to drive our planes into our buildings and blow up buildings at a marathon.  Where is there honor it killing innocent men, women and children?  If you don’t like our country, don’t live in it

Where is my inspiration?

For weeks I had not been inspired to write anything lately; I hate it when I go through these dry spells.  I always thought that writing was my passion for a reason.  There is still some doubt in the back of my mind, whether or not writing is my true calling.  I want to be successful at writing more than anything, but I always seem to fall short of the sucess I desire.  I just want to feel accomplished at something.

My aching hip

I’ve been having trouble with my hips, since as far back as I can remember.  Lately my left hip had been bothering me.  I first thought that it was just a displaced floater, because when I would get my brief changed I would be a lot pain when my knee externally rotated.  I start to worry after about three weeks, because the problems usually corrects itself, but not this time.  I went to my family physician and she put me on naproxen and a Flexeril, but I still wanted to get checked out by an orthopedic doctor.Looks like there is nothing too seriously wrong with my hip, just a pain in the ass floater as usual.  I’m happy to say that medication seems to be working, I’ve never been so happy to hear popping in my leg.

I need some advice

Okay, I’ve been crushing on this guy on and off for a while now.  Some times I think he liked me because he makes these random comments about how he is single.  I feel like he purposely started an argument for no reason at all.  I’m the last person that thinks a guy will be interested in me at all; maybe this is all in my head.  If it is than I look like a complete jackass.