Suicide is not the answer

19 years ago my brother John committed suicide.  Sometimes I wonder if he would have realized the impact his death would have on our family, would he have gone through with it.  It has been 19 years and it still feels like yesterday.  I remember the next day my mind was still expecting him to walk up that ramp and I would run to the door.  No matter how late John came in the door at night he would always wake me up to give me a big hug.  Before you consider taking your own life, think about how that would make your family feel.

2 thoughts on “Suicide is not the answer

  1. i am certain the answer is no. people that are gripped by suicidal depression cease being able to consider the feelings of others, or every thought is twisted to convince them that everyone would be better off without them somehow. i’m so sorry for your loss, for your brother’s irrevocable decision. thank you for reaching out to others this way. those of us that have considered or attempted suicide need to be confronted and told exactly how painful those decisions are. i hope you find healing for the gulf that has erupted around you. that somehow you are able to find peace. thank you.

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