It rides like a dream

Today was the first day that I was able to take my new wheelchair out on the streets and sidewalks.  The wheelchair handled the curbs beautifully; much better than my old chair. It seems to handle the bumps and vibration well.The chair moves very quickly, without fishtailing.  I can’t wait till it gets warmer out, so I can really see what it can do.

My new wheelchair is finally here

I am so happy that my new wheelchair came yesterday; it feels so good to be able to move around again on my own.  The wheelchair needs a couple of minor adjustments, but that is to be expected.  I need a little practice driving it, because it is a little different than my other one.  I wish it wasn’t snowing, so I could go outside.

My Christmas Wish

For about two years my wheelchair has needed a place, but the insurance company has decide to punish me for taking my wheelchair to so many different repair shops; the reason I did that was because this chair has been breaking down ever since I’ve had it and these companies around here are tired of fixing it.  Hopefully I will get a new wheelchair soon.