I need some advice

Okay, I’ve been crushing on this guy on and off for a while now.  Some times I think he liked me because he makes these random comments about how he is single.  I feel like he purposely started an argument for no reason at all.  I’m the last person that thinks a guy will be interested in me at all; maybe this is all in my head.  If it is than I look like a complete jackass.

My Other Books

I know I have only advertised one book, but the truth is I have two more books.  My poetry book collection is called Reflections of Me; I haven’t advertised it because I do not have a book cover for it.  However if you are interested in my poetry, you can purchase it at Amazon.com.  The third book is a highly sexual romantic love triangle gone wrong.  The book is called Not Your Typical Love Story.  I just wanted to share my works with you, just in case you were interested.

Why are bad things so appealing?

The funny thing is what is appealing to us often isn’t good for us.  Like most women would rather have a cocky bad boy, than a stable dependable guy.  I always want the unattainable guy; I almost never like guys who like me back.  Here’s something some of you might have a hard time grasping; I would never date somebody in a wheelchair.  I got enough difficulties dealing with my own disability, I don’t want to deal with somebody else’s.

I don’t know how to answer this question

Do I love you because I truly love you, or do I love you because I can’t have you? My head is spinning with all of the possibilities.  I know I truly care for you, however I don’t know how to get you to understand that.  Sometimes I actually think I could be good for you, and other time I think loving me might destroy you and me.  You’re the one thing that makes me regret being in this wheelchair, but if it wasn’t for the wheelchair we would have never met.