Are You tune in?

I have been reading a book by Paul Selig called Love and creation; a channeled text.  Even if you don’t believe in Paul’s ability to channel the spirits this book still has some valuable spiritual lessons that make complete sense.  I can relate to a lot of this in my own personal experience. I believe one hundred percent that we operate in frequency, especially since the soul made up of energy, and energy is made up of frequencies.  I believe that I had spiritual connection in this life and on the other side.  Have you ever met a person who are you just feel their warmth, or felt that a person was hostile not by his physical demeanor, but something that resonated deep within?  I feel at that moment you were turned into their frequency.  I believe we all are receivers of energy and we are constantly sending and receiving frequencies from the people around us. In my personal experience I have had those rare moments of being completely tuned in to a stranger; like at that exact moment you know exactly what the other person is thinking.  I don’t know if I believe in psychic ability to predict the future, but I believe you have psychic moments.  Sometimes you meet a person a you are a company stranger to them, but you feel that strong connection with them, like you know them your whole life.  I believe in those moments we are operating in the same frequency.