Do you need a book review?5

Do you need a book review? I do book reviews on fiverr and other writing gigs, such as writing articles and poetry. I also write product reviews.

I feel really good about myself

I feel really good about myself, because with I am able to make a little extra money on my own.  It will never be enough to pay my rent, but I still feel pretty good about it.  I hope eventually I can save up for a new computer, because this one is always crashing.  I feel much more productive now that I am earning some money on my own.

I found a way to make some extra money online

I am on a strict government budget, so I am always looking for a way to make some extra money.  You can go to and create a gig stating something you’d be willing for five dollars, and you would be surprised how quickly those five dollars adds up.  One of my most popular gigs is my book reviews.  I write book reviews for five dollars and once the payment cleared it gets deposited in my PayPal account.

I got a great gig’s

I found this website that is good for making extra cash, called  You can create a gig saying just about anything you would do for five dollars.  I have written reviews and content for people.  So far I have made $12 altogether, which is not a lot, on the other hand is more money than I made with and and publish us.  You can even do a goofy gig, like the one I did, where I said I would appreciate your generosity for five dollars for doing absolutely nothing.  I also bought a book cover for my Vampire Quest book for five dollars and it turned out quite well.  Whenever I find potential on the Internet, I like to share it.  It is free to join and they pay you via PayPal, which I’m sure you have already.