Tomorrow America will forget about the children

A psycho shoots up an elementary school killing 26 people, 20 of those were children.  The shooter is identified as Adam Lanza, also killed his mother who worked at the school.  Authorities believe that Adam killed his mother before he went to the elementary school


My fear is that we will concentrate so much energy on the shooter, then we will forget about children. People always say make excuses for people like the shooter, hiding behind a protective curtain of mental illness. I got some sad news for the Dr. Phils and the world, you can make a case for mental illness for 99% of the population, but then again nobody the right to kill children. Truthfully there is no way to prepare for something like this, but it’s time we stopped feeling sorry for the perpetrators.

Like the people who went to see the batman movie premiere; how could they ever guess that going to the movie would get them killed? That possible scenario would never end up in a sane man’s thinking. There are just some things you never be ready for. Just because somebody gets a thought in their head, doesn’t mean they have the right to act on it.