Why I chose an alternative Religion

I kept having Experiences I could explain, and the church would not hear of it.  My personal belief is that I have come into contact with ghost.  No, I did not actually see one, but I believe I was in the present of one.  Dishes flying off counters, unexplained foot steps, with multiple witnesses to these events.  I find it funny that churches always talk about the soul, the spirit, but they don’t believe in ghosts.  That kind of always seem like an oxymoron to me.  If the soul has free will in life, why not in the afterlife.  How can churches believe in demons, but not ghosts.  Why do people of the church want to condemn me, before they know me?  Just because I’m in a wheelchair, they think that I’ve done something that deserves to be punished.  How can they say I deserve to be punished since birth, when most organized religions doesn’t believe in reincarnation?  I am honest enough to admit to you that I don’t fully understand how the spiritual world judges humanity, but I don’t think God created anyone just to punish them.  That’s why I don’t understand churches opposing gays, because if God truly makes no mistakes than he made them with purpose.  I truly believe that you are born with your sexuality.  I didn’t wake up and decide I like cocky men, that I was already within me.  I do believe that God create us out of love and with purpose.  This