Making a mistake is a part of life

Making mistakes in life’s learning process.  We all make total asses of ourselves but is all part in this thing called life.  If we had the knowledge we have now we would’ve handled things more gracefully, but sometimes acquiring knowledge is a painful, but necessary process.  We cannot travel paths create for other people, we must find our own pacific path.  We need to stop passing judgment about how others move through their journey, and concentrate on our own journey.

I’m starting to hate paranormal TV shows

Tonight I was watching ghost adventures, it seems they already deemed the place haunted before they did their own investigation. They take stories at face value, even though there was no documentation to support “the hanging of the mentally challenged boy, who stabbed his mother with scissors, because she chained in the basement

If you are going to a place that you are ready to believe it is haunted, then any noise you hear will automatically confirm, even if there is a perfectly logical reason for the sound. I believe it is better to assume the place not haunted and rule out all of the most logical scenarios first, and then you might have a haunted.

Be careful who you call, because they just might answer

I can’t tell you how many paranormal TV shows I watch where they are calling out demonic forces.  One day I was watching Paranormal State where they were performing an exorcism.  Listen to me TV land, stop doing that.  You are going to create a belief that either everything is a ghost or demonic and anyone can perform exorcisms.  While I was watching this show my PCA stand up and shout I’m not afraid of any demons.  All I could think was stop inviting shit here my house.  You can never call demons, because they just might answer you.  I think they should block out names of demonic forces.

The Book of Love and Creation: A Channeled Text

I am now finished reading this book and I feel spiritually uplifted. I really do see things much more clearly now.  I see my mistakes in feeding the ego part of me.  I think what I’ve learned most from this book, just because somebody told you something about yourself doesn’t make it true.

change doesn’t have to mean the end

As most of you know I’ve been reading a book called the book of love and creation; a channeled text.  I am nearing the end of the book and they are talking about a new beginning as opposed to the end of the world.  Why are people in a rush to end the world.  People are claiming to use the Bible as a point of reference reference to decipher the end of time, but the Bible does not give an exact time.  People are usually geological changes in the earth chemistry to point to the end of the world, but people have forgotten their geological history.  This beat of example of this is history, we originally started out with giant continents that eventually broke off into smaller ones.  The most constant thing about history is the it eventually repeat itself.  National disasters occur all the time, people have a habit drawing correlations between two things that are not necessarily related.  I believe that this shift is causing chaos, because at first what change brings.  I believe we are going through a shift in consciousness to remind us that we all are spiritual beings on a journey.  Even if the world is ending, there is no way to prepare for such a thing; so stop worrying about it