I am tired of foreigners putting American down

A lot of foreign countries want to turn their noses up America, but America is the first country they run too.  America does a lot for foreign countries; sometimes America does more for foreigners than their own people.  We send food to Third World countries, when there are people dying of hunger in America.  Somehow it is more righteous to help out a Third World child than our own.  Foreigners are tax exempt for like seven years.  Foreigners get a free education, while a American citizen has to struggle with financial aid and student loans.  They had the nerve to talk about us like we are nothing to them.  They say we have no code of honor, but where is there a code of honor was when they are looking for America’s handouts they have the nerve to drive our planes into our buildings and blow up buildings at a marathon.  Where is there honor it killing innocent men, women and children?  If you don’t like our country, don’t live in it

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