Too much hate

I’m starting to hate paranormal TV shows

Tonight I was watching ghost adventures, it seems they already deemed the place haunted before they did their own investigation. They take stories at face value, even though there was no documentation to support “the hanging of the mentally challenged boy, who stabbed his mother with scissors, because she chained in the basement

If you are going to a place that you are ready to believe it is haunted, then any noise you hear will automatically confirm, even if there is a perfectly logical reason for the sound. I believe it is better to assume the place not haunted and rule out all of the most logical scenarios first, and then you might have a haunted.

Mustard Seed Budget

imagesHey Dad! If you had a superpower, which one would you want?

I HAVE a superpower. It’s called FAITH.

My 10-year-old son was not images-1impressed. He wanted to know if I would fly, or fix things with a magic touch, or superhero type stuff. He asks random questions.

If it weren’t for his question, I wouldn’t have realized exactly what I have. Yes, yes, yes! It is a superpower because faith connects you with the only nonfictional power outside of nature.

What WOULD you have? You DO have! Do you use it? Do I use it enough?

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Finally I am getting some relief

For the last two or three weeks I’ve had pertussis or whooping cough

. The doctor says it may last an entire month, however he gave me antibiotics that may speed up the process. I’m so glad that I am finally getting some relief. I would cough so bad that I thought I would eventually throw up. What is particularly awful if I can’t talk I can blog, because I use voice dictation to write my blogs.

we need better security in school

This latest Amber alert proves that we need better security in schools.  As time goes on I guess more detail will be revealed about the kidnappings of the child; I’m having a difficult time believing that a total stranger as the ability to sign a child out of school, especially in light of recent events.  I think it’s great that they’re using cell phone to send out alerts, but I think they need to include pictures of the child.  I am grateful for the child’s safe return. At this point can we really believe that our schools are safe?