Be careful who you call, because they just might answer

I can’t tell you how many paranormal TV shows I watch where they are calling out demonic forces.  One day I was watching Paranormal State where they were performing an exorcism.  Listen to me TV land, stop doing that.  You are going to create a belief that either everything is a ghost or demonic and anyone can perform exorcisms.  While I was watching this show my PCA stand up and shout I’m not afraid of any demons.  All I could think was stop inviting shit here my house.  You can never call demons, because they just might answer you.  I think they should block out names of demonic forces.


2 thoughts on “Be careful who you call, because they just might answer

  1. I agree with you. If the house is being haunted by a dark/negative spirit, demon if you will, then teach the occupants how to make them leave and take their house back but don’t taunt them. That will just stir them up even more. I’m not crazy about Paranormal State. I just find them down right rude to the spiritual world.

    • I heard that a guy from paranormal state was setting up events and then canceling at the last minute and refusing to provide refunds. Some of the venues did not even know about a paranormal event being scheduled.

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